An Era of Symbiotic Relationship: Social Media & Entertainment Broadcasting

If Facebook would have to be a country, they would have been the third largest country in the world after the heavy weights like china and India. It has users which are 2 times of US population and enjoying the market share of 76%. Applauding to the success of Facebook, in specific, verticals like games, commerce, brands, fund-raising have been latching on to enjoy the fanfare  & engaging with customers. On other hand the platform also enjoys the chunk of active users resulting of the later, thus web 2.0 serves the perfect example of symbiotic relationship.

This insights only goes to show, how the social media has penetrated into the life of an individual, being synonymous to the social identity, waving across the truths introduces by Procter & Gamble, Google’s of the world, making the world smaller and bringing in the  channel of communication in terms of updates, streams, tweets, share, likes, +1 and so on. Every new release, launch or upgrade on the platform is just another beginning to lure brands to optimize them to the fullest and bring in the ideas which are out of the box that goes to electrifying its fans and challenging the marketing professional only to explore the extreme. Check how advertising strategy has changed in Facebook alone; The History of Advertising on Facebook

Electrifying of experience of subscribers, followers, likes or +1, through various widgets and applications which enable social media platform to interact directly with the audience, on mobile devices of the individual, which today are supported with infrastructures which are getting upgraded to the 3G networks in many part of developing countries, making the most viable & lucrative option for the entertainment industry to use it to build their community along with the fanfare around it. This medium could be grown as one of the channel in terms of Social Broadcasting Media, given the usage of internet today and penetration it is achieving.

The one minute Snapshot, from Infographics, in the above graphics is just a feeler to showcase, the competition which internet and user-generated content, is now giving to the entertainment industry. We have already seen the way smart technology is laying it’s footprints on what was once called the ‘Idiot Box’, now the Smart Television, with internet connectivity and loads of applications on to the market place. Check how television has changed over 10 years

Very soon, we would have Social Broadcasting Media, where people would be able to select the feed they want to view, follow the character, share emotions live, bring in more viewer, dedicate scenes and the list goes endless, which now happens more on archives. Check the following statistics on Infographics: The State of Internet , there are 35 hrs of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, 30 billion of content have been shared on the Facebook, number of videos watched per month comes to 136 per user and with Smart TV’s  this relationship even grows stronger.

Social Networking Platform, not only provides ready base but also creates access to the netizens, growing the market share and tapping a newer segment, thus giving run for the advertisers money and also a model which could allow to promote and share the word of mouth. In past few months, I have seen radio’s tapping Social Media to engage their audience on a real-time basis and build a bigger fanfare, but Fever Fm on Facebook has gone beyond just maintaining a page, to developing an application where in, you could dedicate the songs from the list, share and listen, which I feel is just a start of how the symbiotic relationship would envisage.

Social Media Revolutionizes The TV Industry

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