About Grey2GreyMinds

 Grey2GreyMinds are those Grey munchies, which are required to mull through to see the horizon through the dark tunnel and establish a mind share platform, with those Grey minds, to create the world of differentiation and can make the players, the most indispensable for their shoppers.

In the competitive world where consumers are the king, it has been common tactic to lure them with price promotion & free buys, but some where the consumer centric strategy is fading out, through Grey2GreyMinds, the effort is towards bringing concepts, technology & business model which are towards the shopper engagement, which are exciting & existing around the world, to this platform, where the customer centric behavior is brought out.

Please leave your comment, against the posts you have seen, liked, reviewed and have a view, for the good of the fraternity & viewers who come on, as I believe, everyone is an intellectual and is consumer centric & the Grey Munchies are the trigger.

Thank You For Taking Out Your Time.

You Could Write To Me:     adarsh.pete@gmail.com

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A Insight About Me

Identifying Differentiation in oneself is the start of journey to success where evangelism is the path, has kept me upbeat with marketing know how. I have seasoned myself through exploring various marketing roles, such as Product Marketing, Employer Branding & Program Management, Field marketing (Channel & End User Programs), Sales & Account servicing (Online sales for the leading Job portal) and last but not the least Planning & Execution of Signage, Retail advertising & Promotion. The blend of roles is helping me to attain the sheen to be that differentiator, which could make the industry look upon you.

I try to capitalize on my strengths which are to look upon different perspectives and be curious like a kid to understand, which builds me stronger to develop customer engagement models & strategy; I love networking with people and long for mind share, a much-needed quality in Program Management; Questioning, Think Out-Of-The-Box, Evangelize keeps me hungry for trends, analysis & upgrading myself in creating that space in thought leadership. My passionate areas include Digital marketing, Social Media, Consumer technology, Retailing and Consumer Behavior.

I vouch in the saying “Differentiators do not always create differentiation. The key is to keep it simple and relevant. There is nothing wrong with routines or the familiar, the difference can be made by bringing in fresh perspective and make the ideas come alive through innovative execution.” Courtesy: Brand Equity, ET


Retailing, Emergence of IT in SME, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Trends, Working on the Demand Generation Strategy, Studying Various Market Behavior, Digital Marketing

The postings on this site are my own and don’t necessarily represent my company’s positions, strategies or opinions.

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