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Building experience flow which matters, through adoption of right analytics and tools- A part of engaging Idle Mind Strategy

Marketers have been working on building experience flows to capitalize on analyzing consumer behavior to build personalized experience, which can enable brands to associate itself with the consumers and build them into the product sales life cycle. The crux of the game here is how to build effective tools and analytic which could help the marketer engage those minds which have been looking out, but aren’t engaged yet.

As technology evolves with more and more closer association to complex data, which are nothing but what consumers leaves as footprints either in the way of search, feedback on reference sites, updates on the social medias or in the means of queries, sharing & liking of interesting videos, which are nothing but coded wires which needs to be interpreted and analysed into right impulses to be played on. In other word these are those forms of big data which needs integrator in terms of digital marketing tools to translate positioning and targeting strategies.

These trends are only evolving out purely on all odds of traditional medium which were purely in terms of print and in person engagement in building mind share among its consumers. With the growing acceptance and penetration of smart technology, it throws more and more emphasis on adoption of these trends to engage minds which are at look out, and are also at an early stages of acceptance of brands.

The adoption of digital marketing tools should be an integrated approach where in a brand could track every aspect of online behavior then just one aspect, as observed in the case of big data, data source can be from anywhere. Unilever’s move in India towards skewing their marketing dollars towards online medium is just the start of the era of investments in these technologies. Telecom majors in India like Airtel use these tools not only to note what people have been talking about them on social but also use it as a medium to engage with their prospects.

The essence is on understanding the online behavioral side of a consumer and focusing on the right vehicle of engagement in terms of selection of mediums of smart technologies & platforms, and integrating them which helps is channelizing the minds which are in lookout. This brings in the importance of a well thought through experience flow, keeping in mind of the consumer and his modes of being online. Stressing out on a stream lined experience which is seamless, engaging and carries the brand essence through out to building a loyal customer, who just can’t stop talking about the experience he/she had while engaging with the brand.


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